Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday, November 11, 2013


Again, a different P-Day!  We can't keep up on Elder Lovett's P-Day, he's been there almost 4 weeks and he's changed his P-Day 3 times!  Is that normal???  It sure makes timing our emails to him tricky!  I've missed him one week, Susan missed him this week.  Luckily, I wrote him early this morning so at least he had one letter waiting for him! 

Hello Family!!
Jacob and Tyler are going to be awesome missionaries searving on totally different sides of the country, how awesome is that going to be!!!!!!? Asembrosa!! (Awesome, Amazing, Excellent)
Not a whole lot happened this week.  The last thing I remember was that we had a district meeting that we never thought we could top, becuse it was so asembrosa. Then we totally topped it the next week! We even had the CCM President (President Nicolaysen) come and talk with us for a few minutes to share some of the wisdom he had about charity, and loving the people. I´t lasted a good hour and a half! Wow!

Guatemala LDS MTC President
President and Sister Nicolaysen

So, the story about why the president came and spoke with us during our District meeting is because I asked him to come my second week here. Simple enough right? Well our meeting came and went, and he had meetings and he forgot. So I later reminded him about it, and he felt sooooo guilty that he missed it, and promised me he would be there next time. The next time rolled around and I reminded him aaaaaaaand, he had a meeting, and would be leaving for a week for a Mission Presidency something. When he came back I meerly had to say ¨welcome back¨ and he pointed at me and said, ¨I have been thinking about that meeting all week, I will be there¨ Wow that´s so nice of him, but when I asked him to come talk to us, I did´t mean to mentally torment the man!
He came and talked to us,and you know, that the meeting lasted for about an hour and a half, and when we finally finished we found out, WE Missed Dinner!! Noooooo! However, incredibly, through the miracle of (listening to) the Holy Spirit, I asked if we could get some food, and he said it was no problem. I ran around the CCM like Paul Revere screaming ¨We can eat! We can eat!¨
Tomorrow we can go to the market, and have some fun getting culture shocked! Woo Hoo! It will be asembroso!
La igelsia es verdadero, Soy un misionaro a ayudar las personas a venir a Cristo. El meyor camino a aprender español es lo hablar. Ayer yo notado que tengo solamente dos años aqua en Guatemala, entonses necesito intentar tan mucho como puedo aprender el evangelio,la idioma y AMOR LA GENTE!!!!!

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