Wednesday, November 6, 2013

OK, so I jumped the gun a little bit!  We received this letter on Elder Lovett's "new" p-day, Wednesday!  WHEW!!  This is a GOOD pattern so far.  And Susan says he's back on the Christmas gift list!!  Which we will need to send to him in the next week or so.  YIKES, already Christmas shopping!?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Part II

Hi Family!

One of the guys in my district became zone leader, so we had to change branches here, which also means that my P-Day changed to today. I´m still ok, doing great and speaking Spanish!
I told you about our fantastically amazing trip to Wal-Mart. It really was all it was cracked up to be, it was amazing, but before we left for Wal-Mart we stoped at the stake Center to play some games and have a little bit of fun. We had a great time with only North Americans that speak only english. Anyone who speaks Spanish only gets two weeks here, just like Jacob will get in Provo. Anyway! On our way out of the Stake Center´s parking lot the bus got STUCK! The edge of the driveway dipped down a little, then sloped back up on the street. The front of the bus got out fine into the middle of the street, then the back tires, I think were lifted off of the ground. The bus was also stuck on the lip on the ground were the gates stop. We stayed in the bus for a few minutes reving the bus' engine, then we heard ¨Alright Elders, get out¨ yep we were going to ask the spirit of God to move this bus.
This ISN'T a picture of Elder Lovett's bus, but I found something in Google Images that may have looked like the bus they would've been on.  Just giving you a visual:-)
We tried for a few minutes to no avail, then we looked over at all the sisters, and they were huddled together in prayer. BOOM it hit us. It took a while, but we knew we had to do the same. We got into a football-like huddle and offered a prayer. After much faith, a few lines from ¨Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel¨ and we succeded in moving the bus back on to the street, and were on our way to do the Lord´s work, at the store. So cool!
My companion is really cool. His dad works as an accountantfor the airforce, so he lived in Japan for five years. For three years he studied spanish in school, so he knows Spanish really well. We HSI ("Hablar Su Idioma" or "Speak Your Language") as much as possible together, so I´ve learned a lot of the language by just talking with him, the teachers, and the Hispanos. He is from Ohio, his granparents on his mom´s side are converts, and this same grandpa will be a Temple President soon. And, Dad, I did it! This past Sunday I bore my tesimony to the world in Spanish. (So proud)
So, yeah, I was totally bumbed that I wouldn´t be celebrating Halloween in our usual, Lovett family style. UNTIL I came down one day to get almuerso (lunch), and just about every single person that worked there was dressed up, with masks, and makup.  They had it all, with the lights up above them and everything!
Only got a minute and twenty seconds, my favorite verse here on the mission field is Mosiah 2:17

And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

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