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January 13, 2014

New Companion for Elder Lovett
Elder Cipriano from Mexico

The way that we do changes (transfers) in this mission, is that we don´t know if we will leave until the day before at the District meeting. Elder Barnes and I knew there would be a chance that he would leave, but we really had no idea why. And it was announced that he would go and I would stay in my area. That day we ran all around taking photos with members and people he knew he would miss.

The next day the bus came and he left. I got really upset because he was my first companion (in mission life your first companion is nick-named your "Dad", and is typically a high quality missionary) and he left early, but I was on splits with Elder Oporta, from Nicaragua, we talked and he helped me feel better. We got the news that our new companions were here!!!! So we ran right to where they were, and I got my new companion, Elder Cipriano, from Mexico!!!! A Latino, YES!!!

(Roger's Insert:  Mission Language translation)
Zone is made up of about 5-7 Districts and there are typically 2 Zone Leaders
District is typically made up of 6-8 missionaries with only 1 District Leader
Our leaders also changed, our new Zone Leader , Elder Sleight, went home, and our old District Leader  took his place. Our new District Leader is opening area with his comp, and his name is Elder Hutchinson("opening" means that there are missionaries assigned to an area where there have not been missionaries prior)
A few days ago I felt pretty overwhelmed because I still don´t know much about the area, I haven´t had the chance to be fully trained properly. So to overcome this I prayed for a lot of help. Later I was studying and I got the impresion to read the Book of Mormon in Spanish. That's the key of our religion and we encourage others to read it daily, so I should too. As I did, I just got the calmest, most comforting spirit come over me. I just knew that as long as I do all that I can to be a good missionary, the Lord will help me.  I know He will, in all aspects of missionary work: the language, the teaching, and fulfilling my purpose. Since then I have been following the spirit much more intently, I have been able to talk with pretty much anyone, and I can see that I am helping these people in this beautiful land grow closer to Christ!


We were able to go over there plenty enough, demonstrate our love, and teach them both enough that they made this decision together!!! Yulma used to be a hard-core Evangelical, and used to run from us when we came, but we had a family night at the first councelor'ss house where they learned about an eternal family, and how they can have that through the temple. That night Yulma said out loud TWICE that she knew the church is true!! The day after, Saul told us how he would like to go to the temple some day with his family!!!!!!!! I really, really would like to go to that! One of the best parts for me is that I performed the baptism, and being able to do that ordinance for them just made a connection with them that is just hard to describe! But it´s beautiful. Now we just need to work on their two daughters!
They asked me to play the piano at Sacrament meeting (the Sunday service), how terrifying!!! I played the top melody part of three hymns, because that´s all that my courage would allow me to do, but I hope next week will be better if I do it again.

Just so you guys know, the Book of Mormon is true! No matter what language it is, it contains everything that we need to know to return to live with our Father in Heaven, and teaches us the necessary steps that we need to take to receive our eternal salvation and even better, our exaltation!!
The Church is true!  Prayer is that Gateway to Heaven, and we have the key.
With all my love and a bit extra, hope you have a great week. Never lose the Spirit, and continually build your testimony, and your knowledge.
Elder Lovett


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