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January 27, 2014

We went on splits this week with my zone leader Elder Hutchinson in his area Ayutla, which, by the way is gigantc, and had a good time as Two Gringos working in the Lord´s field. While together I found out that the two of us are almost exactly alike!! He learned Spanish the same way I did, he got his call at 18, and we both really love to work hard. While together he helped me learn about times following the Spirit.  He shared with me many expeiences about following the Spirit on his mission. I could use the Spirit a lot in my mission.  But, I do know that we are the ones responsable for bringing the Spirit, and introducing it into the lives of the people that we meet. He also taught me about prayer. If at any point you are confused, upset, if you need any help in any form, the first thing you should do is turn to the Lord and offer a prayer in your heart asking Him to guide you in all that you do. I testify, that will bring miracles. I am not perfct at it, I know that I can improve, however, if anyone can do it, the Lord can.

 We Completed a Family!!

The first month Joseph was in the mission field, he and his complanion baptized Yulma, a 19 year old young lady (second from right, below).  The next month he baptized her parents, Yulma Sr., and Saul (on either end below).  Well this last week he told us that Yulma's two sister wer also baptized!  Very exciting for this new eternal family!  We're very happy for them!


Batallion Mormon

Normally we do something called Batallión Mormón, Which is us going around in the ward mission leader´s pickup, inviting the less-actives to go to church. A few weeks ago he sold his truck, and last week we just just did BatALLÓN Mormón, walking, and got very little done. Well we wanted to do a little more this week, so our ward mission leader got a plan. He has a motorcycle shop!  So he gathered together four motorcycles, four drivers and it was perfect with four missionaries!!! That´s right the Army of Helaman just moved up! We went all around Tecun Uman on these motorcylcles like a righteous Mormon gang!! It was SOOO FUUN!!!!

    "The Army of Heleman"

In the Book of Mormon, the Army of Heleman was a group of 2000 young men who valiantly fought for the religous freedom of their families and country

I gave a short message about asking inspired questions in our district meeting. I talked about using the Spirit to guide you to the proper question, and that through questions you can find the needs of the investigator. Right after that we did a practice about that topic, and well, I totally frose, and asked my comp for help.  It was pretty funny actually. Even still, my district leader told me it was good, and that I have an energy when I teach that is unique. Woohoo!
The area seventy members create a mission plan every year which includes key indicators that the Wards and local leaders can focus on. The three members of the seventy, Elder Duncan, Elder Amado, and Elder Ochoa gave a presentaion to the local leaders of the church via broadcast, and we were invited to watch it.  It was all in Spanish, and I understood pretty much all of it!! The really cool part was both Elder Amado, and Elder Ducan spoke to us in the CCM. Which I hear Elder Cook just spoke in the CCM. Elder Cook wasn´t able to speak to us, but in his place Elder Soares spoke!! That´s right the authority that gave the talk on mildness!! He spoke to us in Spanish, but informed us that it is the fourth language that he is learning!! How crazy!!The gift of tounges is a pretty powerful gift that God gives us.
Always pray, follow the Spirit.  How do you know it´s the Spirit?  Elder Bednar tells us how: "Quit worrying about it".   So follow the Spirit, and he will guide you, especially when you ask for guidance in a prayer!

Love Elder Amalo (Lovett)

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