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February 3, 2014  


My comp (Elder Cipriano) and Me!  Right now! Sending you saludes from a humble town in Guatemala!

Something really cool happend this week with my comp! In the morning, while we were still getting ready for the day my comp learned a new word from me and was writing it in his little notebook, like I do.  I also wanted to write it down, and I suprised him a little, and the reason I suprized him was, (and this is what he told me) that my Spanish is so good that every once in a while, he forgets that I am still learning Spanish!! Now wouldn´t every brand new missionary want to hear that! I also had one of my first dreams in Spanish!! I was on the phone with someone with a perfect English accent and she thought I was my trainer and some other missionary. For the rest of the dream I was explaining why I called or something wierd like that, but IT WAS IN SPANISH!!!

My companion comes from a big city in central Mexico calld Morelia Michocan. In that area they don´t speack Spanish,They speak a Spanish dialect called Purépecha, And that is my comp's first language, Not Spanish!!! He learned Spanish in school when he was six years old!

It have notied that it's becoming much easier to teach a lesson, and that I have been able to notice, and follow the Spirit a little bit easier the longer I serve here. The trick is that you should not make a routine in teaching. It is important to let the people know the specific points that are in a lesson, but the lesson should be guided by the Spirit, according to the needs of the investigator. My companion lacks a bit in that aspect, but that is where my part is important. I am the one of us two that expresses my energy. I have noticed this and I pray to my kind Father in Heaven that I can teach this way for all of my mission, with power, authority, and a love for the work, to the convincing, and conversion, of all the people that I come in contact with. There are three memers in a companionship, me, my comp, and the Holy Spirit. One of us knows all, not me, niether my comp, and he is the one that we should always follow.
There is a recient convert in our ward, his name is Sergio Catillo, Both his mom and his sister have accepted the challange to be baptized the 22 of February. They explained to us that missionaries before had taught them, but they didn´t explain themselves, or the doctrine like we did, so they didn´t accept baptism. The cool part with them is, I was there when we started teaching them, and now they accepted the first step to being faithful members!
This is the greatest work of all!  I know it.  And I can see and feel the strength to continue strong when I am with a young man named Edy.  He is a convert of about a year and a half and is getting ready to leave for his mission this February. The Book of Mormon is true in all languages, and the Spirit testifies to all in their oun language.


These trycicles are pretty much the taxies here in Tecun Uman, and there are a TON of them

There was a parade to start some festival. Pretty cool!  I ran as fast as I could to catch up and take this photo! 

 Love you guys a ton, gotta go

Live it, Love it and you Will find it,

True stuff man. See you all too soon!  (Smiely face!)  I can´t make that symbol on this computer haha!

Love, Elder Lovett

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