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February 17, 2014

Roger wrote the following, again to give context to Joe's response:

I am teaching Mission Prep next week and the topic is the Plan of Salvation and what I would love for you to do is write me what you've learned about, not only the Plan of Salvation, but how to teach it to people who are just learning about it from you. I'd love to read your letter to the group next week to open our lesson.

So Dad, I hate to let you down, but I olny have taught the Plan of
Salvation about two or three times, and I don´t have a lot of
experience in the aspect of what the people need to know.  Just that
it´s pretty important to have the basic outline of the Plan of
Salvation memorized, but the thing is, even when I don´t know what to
say, I can always go back to the pure testimony that I have. If they
simply have a testimony that the Plan of Happiness is a real plan, or
in any other aspect of the missionary lessons, it can be more powerful
to them than if Shakespear himself were there to tell it to them. Just
remember to teach to what the investigator needs, that may mean
teaching, or explaining a specific part a bit more than another.

I had to kill another rat this week!! I got it stuck in a whole in the
wall and crushed it with the broom and waited until it sufficated!! It
was super tramatising! Scary, but we got the little bugger.  So I was able to get the price of a mouse trap from 50 quetsales to 8, because I´m so charming. (And humble)

The Mission Retalhuleu is really pushing for us to get 20 new
investigators, as a goal in one week. With that in mind, one of the
Elders in our district came up with an idea that worked in one of his
old areas that would help us get a ton of references. And that is
going, and teaching schools sections from The Strength of Youth. What
a great idea!! And we could do it because one of the elders has a
connection to the Paz Andrade, the school in front of the church. Last
Wednesday, after a zone conferance in Cuotepeke we went to the School
and taught in front of about two classes of around 30 people. I got
the wonderful opportunity to teach a subject where I had much
experience, Leaving with the opposite Sex (hmmm?, not sure what he means here). It was really fun, eventhough our teaching wasn´t perfect, we had a great time, and got a
ton of references.

Hey Dad, my neighbor, a non-member says he will get baptised, and
become the next Bishop to maintain the order.  For example, remove the
people in church who talk.  He told me to let you know that his advice
to you is to be Bishop like him.

To find a ton of new investigators we fasted. That night we tried getting more
references by playing Futbol.  But they were a team, totally destroyed us,
and when we finished we were super thursty until church ended the next
day, that made it a pretty good fast, let´s pray that it works!

There is a youth that just left on his mission today, his name is Edy
Miranda, now Elder Miranda, and we went to his setting apart, there
was such a strong spirit there, and I could remember really well my
own setting apart there as well. Edy was my first friend here in
Tecun, and now he´s off to Mexico to go bring souls unto Christ for
himself. God be with you Elder Miranda

My convert, Saul has just been called to be the young men´s
President!!!!! I was so proud and happy for him, It was a pleasure
to sustain him yesterday.

Whenever you have a doubt, go back to the Book of Mormon, it answers
the questions of your soul.  For example, 2 Nephi 2:25 We´ve heard it a
thousand times, but through that verse I know that I exist in order to
be happy , as well as all the other children of God here on this

Love you all!
Elder Lovett

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