Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 10, 2014

Susan wrote the following to Joseph, and I'm incluiding it here so you have context to his response.

Hope this letter finds you doing well! I just got asked to give a talk
next week about preparing a missionary, and was wondering if there was
anything in particular that we did to help you prepare for a mission, and
weather you felt fairly well prepared when you entered the mission field.
Maybe any pointers you could give would help someone else getting ready for
a mission, especially Jake as he prepares to enter the mission field. Just
asking. It would sure help

Believe it or not Mom, that actually has been something that I have
thought about out here.  Because it says in the Proclamation to that
Family that the parents are responsable for teaching the doctrine in
the Family. I have thought long and hard on that and I will tell you
with 100% surety that the way you guys prepared me for my mission, and
taught me the doctrine, was from your example. There were times when I
was stubborn, of course with no reason, and I closed myself from the
many times you sat us down to teach us a principle. What I did learn,
I learned because you guys, my Earthy parents, never left the church,
always encouraged us to read the scriptures, we hardly ever missed a
family preayer at night. You guys were a great example. Your love for
your missions in Italy, love for the Church, and it´s Gospel, and with
the undying, ever powerful love that you have for me and my brothers.

For example, for almost 8 years we struggled to have Family Home
Evening, because we always had Marching Band practice. So what did you two do,
you involved yourselves completely in Marching Band to be close to us,
gave us your support, and had a great time. From Band I learned that
you guys were pretty awesome.

(Note from Roger)  Pretty AWESOME huh!?

The children of Tecun Uman, Guatemala!  So happy!  If kids see you with a camera, I can almost promise you that you will
be taking a photo of them.

Not enough motorsycles for Batallion Mormon!

I swear I only translated, I didn´t actually weld Mom!

Another story.

We have a rat problem, as we have descovered fairly reciently. One
night we walked in and found a rat climbing into a hole in the wall.
The rat got stuck, and my comp, quickly reacting, grabbed the broom
and crushed the rat with the end of the broom. I tried to grab the
rat´s tail with a bag, but it was still living! With my
heart pumpingI grabed the brom with the idea that I was going to
anialate this rat.  So I shoved this broom into the hole where that rat
was. I ended up shoving the rat through tha wall and we heard it make
a BOOM sound when it fell into the car shop behind our house! from the
second story, where we live!

Wow, right!

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