Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 24, 2014

We just had two brand new baptisms in our area!!! Ana Sylvia, and her mom, Yolanda. They were both baptised by Sergio, Brother of Ana, and son of Yolanda. I always feel the Spirit super strong when I attend a baptism, especially when I was one of the Lords' servents that helped these beautiful children of God open the door that leads to eternal life (2 Nephi 31: 9, 18) I feel extreemly special because I was one of the missionaries that started teaching them, I´ve seen their whole progression, and I am super honored to have done good with them!

The Baptism. Here are the mnames from left to right.
Elder Guevara, Yolanda, Sergio, Ana Sylvia with her two sons, and me!

This week my step-dad left from the beautiful city of Tecun Uman because he couldn´t handle the heat.

AdiĆ³s Elder Cipriano, he went to the mountains of San Pedro

In his place I have one of the craziest, hardest working missionaries from Honduras. His name is Elder Guevara. He is a skilled missionary and is teaching me how to be a fantastic missionary, because he is amazing. I am super lucky to have him as my comp.

Elder Guevara from Honduras

There was a very difficult moment that I passed through this week, when I just felt like I lost my faith, where I felt that I could not be a good missionary. However the Lord knows all, because he expirienced all pains and afflictions, he knows our needs and how to fix them. Today I was rejuvinated because I recived one of my favorite Disney songs, mormon style "Go the Distance" from Hercules. (This recording was interspersed with recorded comments from General Authorities from the LDS Church  It says that we have been chosen by God to come to this Earth at this moment.  That we, the youth of today are the greatest youth in all of history, and that we have all the love and support by our Heavenly Father and the General Authorities. Along with other letters that I recieved I am ready to go and help the world find the way to be with God again, or in other words, Eternal Life!


Guess what! Mom, don´t worry, absolutely nothing bad happened, I just want to see what kind of guesses you have to what happend.

(This is not the kind of picture a parent wants to see from their Missionary in Guatemala.  It must be an early Halloween joke - and you know how much Joe loves Halloween!)

Any Gueses???

Elder Lovett

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