Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Email:  Tuesday, October 22, 2013 First Week Done!!

Susan and I were thrilled to get the letter below.  Not that we got a letter from Elder Lovett, but for the simple fact that we actually GOT A LETTER!  He's never been a good communicator, so we were excited to think that he may actually write us while he's on his mission!!

From Elder Lovett:
Every once in a while I kind of have to think about it, and realize that, dude I´m in Guatemala!! So weird. The CCM is like a relly big bubble that holds all the missionaries in one spot. Protecting them from the World across the street. Every once in a while the cops drive down the street sitting in the bed of a truck, with AK-47´s. If you imagine that you were in one of those movies where they go to a place like India. the sights , sounds, and people are pretty much the same. The food is awesomely delicious, and the president is amazing.

You can see the temple out of my window, we even went today. Every night it´s hard not to look out of my window and see the temple in front of this GIANT HILL. Moroni is higher :p

I was called to be district leader, and there are about nine people, including me, in our district. I was even asked to play my "Armies of Heleman" song in sacrament. Let the pressure begin!
I was not as ready to learn spanish when I came. I thought that it would come so fast, nooooope. I had to learn a humbling lesson the first few days.  I wanted someone to tell me that it would be hard to learn spanish before I came. Everyone told me it would be so easy, boosting my ego. Then at sacrament meeting, I pictured Todd Moran telling me ¨Face the fact that it´s going to be hard. Now get over it, and learn the language. Now spanish is coming Much better.¨

Tell those people at home to write me!!!!!!! Send my love to Rachel, Mckenzie, Eloy, Ryan and John. I got yo back guys

Great view of the Guatemala City Temple
from Elder Lovett's CCM dormroom window

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