Thursday, October 17, 2013

October 15, 2013, about 10:55 pm
Elder Joseph Bjorn Lovett
Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission
October 2013 - October 2015

Well the four months from receiving Joseph's call has come to an end, and a new adventure has started for Elder Lovett!!  After being set apart as a Full-Time Missionary by President Wilson Monday night, what a wonderful Tuesday we spent together!  Joseph was so excited throughout the day, but when it came closer to going through sceurity, he was staring to show his emotions more clearly!  Susan and I got hugs like we've never gotten before!  After spending Tuesday afternoon in the Los Angeles Temple, he was so ready to get started sharing his testimony with the people of Guatemala!  He joined about 14 other missionaries at the gate and then took off a minute after midnight.  His anticipated arrival in Guatemala City was 5:43 am on Wednesday October 16, 2013.

As you may imagine, all of our emotions are all over the place.  Happy and Excited for the experience that he will undoubtedly have, but sad and fearfull as parents!  Susan and I spent a tearful Wednesday, but felt much better when we recieved an email from Elder Lovett.

"I arrived in Guatemala and I'm learning Spanish already!  My P-Day is Tuesday"

Short and sweet, but it provided a tremdous amount of comfort to Susan and me knowng that he's off and running, doing exactly what he has been preparing to do for so long!!  Almost a year to the date of President Monson's age lowering announcement, our 18 year old son has started his mission!!!!!  WE ARE SOOOO PROUD!

Look forward each week to new posts of Elder Lovetts' Guatemalan Adventures.  And as I get better at this "blogging thing" the posts will get better as well!

Thank you all for your love and support of our boy!  We love you all and will be so excited to share this experience with you!


Love, Mom and Dad!!

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