Wednesday, December 11, 2013

December 10, 2013

First P-Day and trip to Back to Guatemala City

Last week for P-day we went on the coolest trail and had the greatest time. What we did, was we got a call at 5:45 in the morning telling us that we were going to a waterfall all the way up in the mountains. It was so fun!  A lot of the Elders were telling me that I was so lucky to have this as my first P-day. It was the closest thing I could do to going swimming with all that water from this giant waterfall spraying us, and getting us all wet.
Photo: His companion and he on a P-day excursion.

Elder Lovett & Elder Barnes

Sorry for not being able to write you guys yesterday. We got a call on Saturday night from the Zone Leaders telling me that I had to go all the way up, back to the capital, the same 6 hour trip that I did a week before, to finish my visa to get residency. All they needed from me was a signature, and a photo. Well, to serve the Lord I'll do what He wants. So I left Sunday morning and came back home Monday night. Here in Guatemala they don't have a limit to the amount of people that they can fit on the bus. To them, they can always fit one more person. So for me it felt twice as paked as New York, and all I had was my little bitty spot to fit my two feet. Elder Rassmusen and I just looked at each other at one point and we just thought that this is crazy
It was really awesome when we got to the mission office in Reu (nick-name for Retalhuleu) because pretty much everyone that came in with us to the CCM was there talking about their missions, how crazy their living circumstances are.  And one of our guys is even learining Mum. Yep, Mum. Our trip to the capital was great because it was only us in a nice comfortable van, just talking for an entire day, almost completely about our missions.
We finally got to the capital and met two missionaris learning Kekchi, I don´t even know how it's spelled, or even pronounced, but it´s ancint, and cray. So we went to do our visa, spent thirty seconds doing it and we were done.
Just so you guys know Guatemala is a third world country, and things are diferent. I just wanted to let you know that. They drink a lot of their drinks out of a bag, a lot of the houses here don't have a floor, so we are really lucky to have what we have. Oh, and Dad, they don't speak Spanish here either, so I'm pretty sure that Swahili is a universal language. I was telling this to my companion when a drunk guy came up to us as said that he was a little drunk at the moment, but he knows that we are good guys. My companion, Elder Barnes turned and asked me if I understood the drunk guy, so I had to remind my comp that I did't understand by saying "He did't speak spanish remember" He laughed a bit when I told him that. The missionaries and the people do tell me, though, that my Spanish is really good for only being out for a week.
We Have a baptizmal date for this friday! Her name is Yulma and she is really cool, so now we just need to work on here family.
My companion tells me that I am Just like the missionary from best two years. He sees me studying my language, helps me try to pronounce the words correctly.  My first contact was in Enlish! And one time a man said, how are you doing, in Enlish.  I learned over to my companion and asked him, what did he say?
I will tell you guys, that I really love it here. I want to learn the languge as fast as I can and help as many people as possible to make their first covanant with the Lord; of baptism. I can tell that the time that I have here is short, so I really want to work as hard as I can. I'm still being trained so I don't know how to help them yet, so I get frustrated.  But I know that it will come with time. I can't believe that I am out here, and I cant wait to get to that point where I can just love the people!
Love you all, Have a great Chritmas season, and just have a good time. Thanks for all of your payers. 
Love You!!!

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