Monday, December 30, 2013

December 30, 2013

I looked at your pictures from Christmas, and I can´t believe that you had waffles!!!! That´s my favorite guys!!!! It´s fine though, I´ll just get some ice-cream later today.

Christmas Morning SKYPING with Elder Lovett

Best Christmas Present Ever!!


Elders Barnes & Lovett on Christmas morning 2013

I really enjoyed the different way that I celebrated Christmas here! It made me miss home a lot, even more when my comp only wanted to go home and sleep, because he only had 3 hours of sleep from the night before, so I got kind of sad. Something that I remembered, a principle that I found in Preach My Gospel, is that you don´t get homesick when you are really working. That brightened by spirits a lot, and made me feel much better being away from home.  Because I have a purpose and I know that there are people out there that I can help, if I just work hard finding them, and when I find them, tell them what they need to know, and help them learn the principles of the gospel so they will be faithful members for the rest of their lives.  My day was made a better when four other missionaries came to sleep over, it was pretty crazy!

A couple of days after Christmas we went to a city called Coatepeque for a multi-zone devotional with Presidente and Hermana Ruiz, they are such awesome people! Later every zone did a skit or talent o algo así (or something like that). They were really awesome and funny and stuff.  We even got to feast on an amazing lunch, that tasted so goooood!!! While there, we took a Preach My Gospel quiz to see how we are doing, and then later President would have a personal interview with us to discuss it. I was one of the missionaries that did pretty well, well enough to get a candy!!

Also I found out that Quinten L. Cook will be coming down to talk to us as multiple zones, I am supper exctited, I just can't wait!!!´I just hope that he doesn´t speah Spanish, fingers crossed. However I finally figured out how to understand Spanish. Before, I would listen and focus on a word I didn´t know.  By the time I figured it out I would be tottaly lost. But my trainer taught me just to keep listening and paying attenction.  That advice worked so well that I talked with Yulma's family for a couple of hours. I´m getting the courage to just ask questions, and things are really getting a lot easier for me to do. That just shows you that you can do anything when God is on your side. PS Challenging the Giants is a really good movie. For example, there was a gringo right next to the boarder that was a total jerk. He looked like one of those wanderer people in the movies, with a dog straped to his front. The misisonaries that talked to him saw how confused the natives were with him trying to talk with them due to his bad spanish, even though he had been doing that for ten years. One Elder said that his acent was even worse than mine, it was really funny.

My comp taught primary this past week, oh my goodness cute overload, it was so adorable, and I learned how you really teach to a five year old!!

Also I learned how to make the greatest bread in the world!!!!! We helped the ward councelor, who is also a baker, make bread in all sorts of cool ways.

Love you all!  I´m doing great, and I love advice from anyone on anything that would help me be a better missionary. I will pray for you Guys

Thanks for everything!

Love you, bye!!!


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