Monday, December 30, 2013

December 16, 2013

This past week I had some pretty interesting goofs with the language. One was last night.  I tried to plan with my companion in spanish, and I threw out the I idea that we could buy eggs for breakfeast. Instead of eggs ¨huevos¨I used the word ¨huesos¨ (bones).  I also told him that we could go get them for "lunch". I didn`t mean to say lunch, and at this piont my comp was looking at me in a really confused way. I tried to fix it, so I said breakfest. He didn´t seem like he understood me any better. He asked me something like ¨What do they eat over there in California¨ He told me that I said to him that we should go and buy some bones for breakfeast, and we cleared that up. It was pretty funny.  However it was not the worst thing I said. My comp was doing my hair, just for the fun of it, and I needed to ask our neighbor for a comb. So I went over to them and I asked ¨Do you have a comb that I could taste¨ Woops, but it got worse later when I was telling that same story to a member. She started laughing before I finished telling the story.  I didn`t understand. Later we got to the house, and my comp explained to me that I did not say the word ¨peine¨ (pain) to the member. I said to the member a word that means a man`s ¨-¨ It was really bad, and pretty embarrassing.


We've tried to get Joe to put gel in his hair for 18 years, and all it takes is his companion to do it for us!  Thanks Elder Barnes!!

One of the Members this past week had a birthday, so we went over, saw her face get shoved into the cake and all, but the best part of that day was we ate Lasagna, and Strombolli! Oh My Gosh the food was soo good that day. I think we even reactivated that sister´s daughter, so that is really cool.

This Sunday one of our investigators came to Church for the fist time!! and it was also the Primary Program!!!!!! He was so amazed that these little kids could bear their testemonies so well. He totally felt the spirit, and I know he will get baptized soon. His daughter will actually be my first baptism on my mission!! So I know they will make good members.

Saturday was just a bad day. We didn`t plan the day before so we just walked around like zombies all day. Some cool things did happen that day, though. We made a ton of Christmas card to give out to people so we could invite them to church. And something funny we did, because we were so desperate to talk to someone, was ask someone if my comp could use their bathroom as a contact. It turns out that the house where we asked to use their bathroom was the mom of a member, and I´m pretty sure that we are going to go back to teach her, so that was pretty cool.

I even made some of my first contacts this week!! I was finally able to take up a challange my comp gave me to just stop someone and bear my testemony to them. You can`t mess up with that, so that is what I did, and it was SOOO COOOL!!!

We Bought a tree for Christmas and put our gifts under it, now it really feels like Christmas. Now I just need to find an ornament that I really like.

We gave some more service to the sister that does our laundrey. We went and replaced her old metal sheet ¨door¨ and put up I nice looking wooden door that is easier to use, and much nicer looking now.

 This is what they call "service"?  And they call themselves Eagle Scouts!!  Take away his Tote-n-Chip card!!

Just so you guys know, the church is true!  It gets hard here, but the people are so understanding, which is just something that I love about them. I love it here and thanks everyone for your prayers!!

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